World of Cubes updated to v.2.0 on Apple App Store and Amazon App Store! Try New Excited Features!

Hi all!  We are so glad to announce that a new HUGE LONG-AWAITED UPDATE for World of Cubes now ready to download on Apple and Amazon! Tons of new excited features were added to new version 2.0! 


TheMazeRunner is not only the name of the cool movie, but also the name of cool World of Cubes world in Multiplayer, built by talented builder - Xan! Search this world in Multiplayer, join it and you will spawn as a real heroes from the movie - in the box! When you go out from the box, you will be pulled into a Glade, and outside the Glade is the Maze! 

Announce: Huge update with TONS of new features is coming!

Dear players, we are going to release new version of World of Cubes with Tons of new features! These new features are so excited!!! We will add new addictive 7 themed skin packs with more then 160+ skins, all of these skins are based on your votes, asks, requests that we have gathered from the Forum and social pages. Thank you for the voting and your help! In the new update you can change your skins inside the game, also you can write colorful messages in the chat, which make Multiplayer game more fun! 

WoC Video Contest "Why i love WoC?" Winners

Today we have chosen the winners of the World of Cubes Video Conest! All received videos are awesome and deserve to be watched on Youtube, check it out by clicking Here. Below you will find the winning works! Congratulation!


EskimoRave63 has created awesome map called PerfectPalace. On this map you can find: a great palace with improved living quarters, a huge ship and small boats, shops, a church into the western side of a gate tower and more! This map is a great place for roleplaying purposes and anything else! PerfectPalace Map won in nomination "World of Cubes Best Map of The Week#17"! Below you can find map preview to this map! 

Happy Halloween Crafters!

Happy Halloween Crafters!  We prepared Halloween map for your exploration! Search it and visit it in Multiplayer! Happy Halloween! Yay! Watch Halloween Map Overview on YouTube!  

WoC Top 5 Creations - Castles!

We are proud to announce the winners of the Challenge - WoC Top 5 Creations - Castles! Thank you to all who submitted their castles to the challenge! You will have a chance to win next time! Watch Top 5 Castles on YouTube ! Video overview: 

WoC Top 5 Creations - Cities!

World of Cubes (WorldCraft 2) is a game, where players can develop their creative skills and fantasy. Everyone can build genial masterpiece of architecture, that will shock their friends and parents. We are proud to announce the winners of the new Challenge - WoC Top 5 Creations - Cities! Thank you to all who submitted their cities to the challenge!