World of Cubes for iOS Universal updated to version 1.5! Grab this exciting update!

We have just received the approval from Apple! Finally World of Cubes updated to version 1.5! Survival mode for single player and Multiplayer modes get better and better. In a few hours you will be able to upgrade to version 1.5!

Here’s the list of changes from version 1.4 to version 1.5 (if you don't know how to use any of features write us via 

  • - Added support for split touch controls. Use Options menu to enable it
  • - Added support for left-handed controls. Use Options menu to enable it
  • - Added Armor in the Survival mode. Now you can craft and wear Armor on yourself!
  • - Added Chest. Now you can store your entire inventory in one or many places
  • - Added new aggressive mob: Pumpkin head!
  • - Chicken mobs now can drop eggs
  • - A new chicken now can spawn from the dropped egg
  • - Added more mobs and animals in the Survival mode
  • - Implementing mobs breeding
  • - Implementing mobs luring
  • - Zombie movement fixes and optimizations
  • - Added Sun, Moon and night stars to the Sky in the Survival mode
  • - Added small probability of Nightmares
  • - UI improvements. Now all crafting windows like Furnace, Craft, Chest, and Inventory go full screen
  • - Added Options item to all game menus
  • - Added more skins for Multiplayer game: King, Queen, Vampire, Zombie
  • - Remove unused blocks from the Creative Multiplayer mode
  • - New models for Multiplayer characters
  • - Memory optimizations
  • - Added sounds for player damages
  • - Minor fixes

Check Extended list with detailed screenshots by clicking Here .

As always your feedback, comments and reviews are highly appreciated. Write us by using our Support Form. Stay tuned for the new exciting update coming soon with amazing features added to Survival mode and to online Multiplayer game!