World of Cubes for iOS Universal updated to version 1.4 with exciting updates for Creative Mode and Survival Mode

We are pleased to announce that our highly popular and addictive online multiplayer game “World of Cubes” got major update today to the new version 1.4.  The game is inspired by Minecraft and allows players from all over the World to play online together using one central server in Creative mode or start Survival adventure in the single player mode.

You will discover player lives, hunger, eatable mobs, zombies during the nights, furnace and more in the Survival mode of the game in the latest version 1.4.

Among other major additions and improvements are support for the maps of infinite size in Survival mode, numerous sounds to help you better feel the Survival atmosphere, single player mode (both Survival and Creative) auto save (you will not lose much of your progress even if you battery runs out), German language localization, new smooth look of all 3D mobs and redesigned user controls.

We have also created four great maps on our centralized server to get your creative adventure started either alone or together with random people or your friends online in Multiplayer mode:

  • - Old Castle
  • - Dwarven City
  • - The Flying Island
  • - Scorpions Land

Just save any of the above maps locally, modify them in Creative mode and upload into online server for real time Multiplayer gaming.

Below is the detailed list of new things in this version:

  • - Implemented Survival for single player mode with infinite (!) maps, crafting and friendly mobs
  • - Added sounds to the game in Survival single player and Creative Multiplayer modes
  • - Implemented auto save functionality for single player mode – now you will never lose your creations or survival mode progress
  • - Added Lives and Hunger in Survival mode
  • - Added aggressive mobs (Zombies) that appear only during the night in Survival mode
  • - Added ability for the player to Eat in Survival mode
  • - Added Furnace block and new recipes for it
  • - Added more friendly and passive mobs in Survival mode
  • - Added items Durability
  • - Redesigned user controls for better and easier use
  • - Improved and optimized 3D look of all mobs
  • - Added German language support
  • - New vivid 3D icon
  • - Small bugs fixes

Stay tuned for the new updates coming soon with amazing features added to Survival mode and to online Multiplayer games!


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ashenshakily Sat, 05/11/2019 - 10:45

You will discover player lives, hunger, eatable mobs, zombies during the nights, furnace and more in the Survival mode of the game in the latest version 1.4. Download Granny 2.0

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