World of Cubes v.1.8 now available on SlideMe App Store! Download for your android devices!

World of Cubes game becomes beloved and popular by millions of users from all over the world! We are proud to announce the first release of World of Cubes v.1.8 on the SlideMe App Store! Now you can download World of Cubes v.1.8 for your android devices from SlideMe

Planet of Cubes for android now available on Getjar App Store!

In response for many asks, we have released Planet of Cubes for android devices on Getjar App Store! Download the game from Getjar App Store

World of Cubes for android devices now available on Getjar App Store! Download!

Good news for all World of Cubes lovers! We have released the game for android devices on Getjar! You are able to download World of Cubes for Android from Getjar:

Try new app - Planet of Cubes! Start your first revolutionary adventure with Map of the Planet!

Dear crafters, try new app - Planet of Cubes, which is available now on Amazon and iTunes. Start your first revolutionary adventure by visiting these exciting places, marked on the Map of the Planet! Enlarge the map by clicking on it:

New Revolutionary App – Planet of Cubes - released on iTunes! Infinite World and Gameplay!

Dear Crafters, we are proud to present you new revolution app – Planet of Cubes! This is the first true MMO block building game with one global infinite world and infinite number of users online!

V.1.7 came out on iTunes, Amazon and Mac OS! Play World of Cubes with thousand users online!

We are proud to release new update to your favorite World of Cubes game! From now all Amazon, iOS and Mac users have same version 1.7 with same features.

New update to v.1.7 for your Kindle devices came out!

Good news for all Amazon users! Finally you can get new update for your Kindle devices! Survival mode for single player and Multiplayer modes get better and better!

Top 10 Best WoC Maps made by Users Online

One of the best aspects of WoC is the ability to share your wonderful creations and to play the wonderful creations of others. Industrious cities, huge buildings, fantastic animals or some things too bizarre to categorize — it is incredible what WoC players have been able to create. Below are ten of the most popular WoC maps that have been made by users online! 10. Pokemonstadium2 Map