Long awaited Survival Multiplayer Mode is live now on Amazon for FREE!

Finally initial version of the Survival Multiplayer is live and is available only at Amazon App Store for the moment and only for US customers.  Stay tuned for new updates and releases to other platforms in US and Globally.

FREE World of Cubes released on Amazon Underground Store! All in-app purchases are unlocked! Get it now!

Hey all!  We have released World of Cubes for FREE on Amazon Store! Download the game for FREE for your android and amazon devices! All in-app purchases: skins, compass etc. are unlocked and FREE! Sounds cool, right? 

World of Cubes updated to v.2.2 on Apple App Store! Modern and Technology texture packs are added!

Hey all! Finally you can get new version of the game for your iOS devices with new texture packs: modern and technology, and other valuable new features. We have also added memory crash warning and ability to adjust View Distance to avoid memory problems on slow devices like iPad Mini, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch. We have added automatically reducing View Distance to avoid memory crashes on slow devices. And we have added other 3D rendering and multiplayer network optimizations! 

World of Cubes updated to v2.3.1 on Google Play! Added new texture packs!

Hey all! We have added new texture packs: Modern and Technology to the game as these texture packs got more votes on the poll!  Modern texture pack conveys the atmosphere of modern life of nowadays! Look on such blocks: bed, furnace, tnt and other blocks! Like it? 

World of Cubes Contest#1: GoldenDay!

Hey all! We are starting new series of contests for you under name "GoldenDay", where you can win coins!  Guess or count how many Zombies there are in this picture and post your answer in this thread! Every correct answer posted within 24 hours has a chance to win 200 coins!! There will be 3 winners chosen randomly from those who answered correctly. The winners will be contacted via a Personal Message from site's admins here on the forums.

Let's play World of Cubes on android devices! Download the game from Google Play!

Hello everybody! I bring you good news! World of Cubes with v2.2 now available on Google Play! The game is free and has two modes: Survival Mode and Creative Multiplayer Mode! 

New v2.1 now available on Apple App Store! Added Multiplayer upgrades!

Hi friends! According to your requests, we have added new features and upgrades to Multiplayer in v2.1 We have removed Report Abuse Button to avoid banning players without reason. No one will ban you in World of Cubes from now, except the server, so be friendly and tolerant with other players. 

New Skin Packs in World of Cubes! Yay!

Hi everyone!  I bring you good news today! You have started your adventures in World of Cubes with Default 24 skins, there are not much skins to choose from. Agree? You have similar skins with so many players in Multiplayer. And you haven't an ability to distinguish yourself in Multiplayer game!