New update to v.1.7 for your Kindle devices came out!

Good news for all Amazon users! Finally you can get new update for your Kindle devices!

Survival mode for single player and Multiplayer modes get better and better!

In current update you will discover such new features:
- New server side fancy map: NewYear. We wish you Happy New Year 2014!
- Overall Mobs AI improvement in the Survival mode
- Mobs can now jump across the blocks when attacked by the player
- Zombies will now search for dark areas and hide there after the sunrise
- Zombies can now break doors!
- Implemented water movement logic. Now you will not die when you fall down from the heights into the water. Also your movement will slow down in the water
- New button “Sneak Mode”. Now you can walk in the “sneak” mode and avoid falling down from high heights
- User controls improvements in the Fly mode. Added “Fly Up” and “Fly Down” buttons
- New button “Upload online” for all Single player creative maps. Now you can upload all your single player maps to Multiplayer server with the single click
- New options Screen redesign. Group all options into categories.
- New option: Hide/Show moving pad controller
- New option: Enable/Disable Autojump
- New option: Lock Screen Orientation
- New option: Dark Area Brightness level
- New option: Enable/Disable Clouds
- New blocks: Jack’O’Lantern ( glowing pumpkin ), slab and double slab
- New fancy backgrounds
- Help Screen. On this screen you can go directly to our community web site, wiki, forum, Facebook, Twitter pages and YouTube dedicated channel. You are welcome to visit our Forum!
- 3D performance optimizations

Full list with detailed screenshots you can watch by clicking Here.



GirlGamer's picture
GirlGamer Sun, 04/06/2014 - 02:14

I love 1.7! :)