V.1.7 came out on iTunes, Amazon and Mac OS! Play World of Cubes with thousand users online!

We are proud to release new update to your favorite World of Cubes game! From now all Amazon, iOS and Mac users have same version 1.7 with same features.

!!! Notice:
- iOS version 1.7 updated with bug fixes, upgrade your devices by cliking here.
- Mac version 1.7 updated with features that duplicate features from iOS versions 1.6 + 1.5 + 1.4, upgrade your devices by cliking here.
- Amazon version 1.7 is the same as current ios v.1.7, upgrade your devices by cliking here.

Main features overview (v.1.5 + v.1.6 + v.1.7):

- Survival mode on the infinite maps!
- Added aggressive mobs (Zombies) that appear only during the night in Survival mode
- Added new aggressive mob: Pumpkin head!
- Overall Mobs AI improvement in the Survival mode
- Added more friendly and passive mobs in Survival mode
- Chicken mobs now can drop eggs
- Added ability for the player to Eat in Survival mode
- Added Furnace block and new recipes for it
- Added Chest. Now you can store your entire inventory in one or many places
- Added Armor in the Survival mode. Now you can craft and wear Armor on yourself!
- Added Sun, Moon and night stars to the Sky in the Survival mode
- Added more skins for Multiplayer game: King, Queen, Vampire, Zombie
- Added new blocks: Jack’O’Lantern ( glowing pumpkin ), slab and double slab
- Improved user controls in the Fly mode. Added “Fly Up” and “Fly Down” buttons
- Added “Sneak Mode” button. Now you can walk in the “sneak” mode and avoid falling down from high heights
- Added Help Screen
- Options Screen redesign. Added new options and group all options into categories
 - Added new server side fancy map: NewYear. We wish you Happy New Year 2014!

Play Survival and Creative Mode with thousand users online! More updates coming soon with new amazing features added to Survival mode and to online Multiplayer game!


Download the game:





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