World of Cubes new update to version 1.5 waiting for approval at Apple

New version with tons of new features is waiting for approval at Apple! In this new update you will discover player armor, chest, support for left-handed and split touch controls, new unique aggressive mob pumpkin head, mobs breeding and luring and many more new features and improvements. Just stay tuned for more news and updates coming soon! Discover new features in version 1.5 on Screenshots:

World of Cubes for iOS Universal updated to version 1.4 with exciting updates for Creative Mode and Survival Mode

We are pleased to announce that our highly popular and addictive online multiplayer game “World of Cubes” got major update today to the new version 1.4.  The game is inspired by Minecraft and allows players from all over the World to play online together using one central server in Creative mode or start Survival adventure in the single player mode. You will discover player lives, hunger, eatable mobs, zombies during the nights, furnace and more in the Survival mode of the game in the latest version 1.4.

World of Cubes on Amazon updated to version 1.3

We are proud to announce World of Cubes v.1.3 for Android devices on Amazon updated with survival mode for single player with infinity map, craft and friendly mobs, new blocks, sounds. Current version improved player move controller and added autosave for single player. Also added German language support to the game. Game Description:

World of Cubes for iOS Universal updated with New Blocks, Survival Mode for Single Player with Infinity Map, Craft and Friendly Mobs and others

World of Cubes for iOS Universal updated to version 1.3. New update added to the game: - Survival Mode for Single player with infinity map, craft and friendly mobs - New Blocks - New Sound - Improved Player Move Controller - Autosave for Single Player - Bug fixes Game became even more exciting. Download World of Cubes v.1.3 and try new game posibilities.

World of Cubes for iOS Universal updated with Random Map Generator and others

We’ve released a new update for iOS Universal game - World of Cubes! The new update consists of : - Bug fixes; - Added Random Map Generator in the Single player mode, so you can create many maps starting with random terrain; - UI improvements: controls works much better now! Chat messages take less space on the screen; - Updated UI on the read-only maps: removed auto-selection of the blocks; removed inventory window;

World of Cubes now available for Mac OS

We made the announcement recently that World of Cubes was now available for Mac OS and with it costing $0.99. The game is awesome and well worthy of its price tag.   Game Description: