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Hello, and if you are reading this then you may be instered to join The WOC Team. If you don't know this place then ill tell you. Welcome to The WOCTeam Network however you do not get paid :(. This is a place where you get to play with famous youtubers like


Beastboy 107

-This guy just don't do WOC he does other games, however he is doing good. He has over 100 subscribers on his way to 200, however he's a great youtuber. So if you want to check out his channel click the link below.



Cities Builders Inc(RossomeGaming)

This guy LOVES building on WOC and Minecraft. He also likes to meet people. With his building channel with over 600 subs and his gaming channel, he is a heck of a player. And he is addicted to make channels so WATCH OUT! He's a great youtuber and he's loves to play with new people. If you want to check his channel click the link.




Thatone Cop

Congrats to Nolan for hitting 100 Subscribers! This guy is a awesome guy who likes to make jokes and play games like WOC. He likes to do things quickly, he likes to have the greatest quality for his videos. And if you meet him then i think you'll get used to him. If you want to check his channel click the link




The Manger of World Of Cubes decided to join the WOC Team. Her Words "I am a big gamer inside my heart. I do video previews on cool games, tutorials, fan videos and more for your fun time! Subscribe!" If you want to check this channel click the link





In my opinion, webty is pretty funny in our videos! on his way to 100 subscribers, he is awesome he loves to play other games like WOC. He'll upload a few videos on his channel, and sometimes he can not be ready for stuff(no offsene) however if you want a guy who can make(some Jokes) click the link



Minecraft Fan

He dosn't have a channel(and he should) however he's a great guy who can make a ton of jokes, he my first friend i met on skype. And he's calm he's awesome. And he can make us laugh when he talks to us.


(No picture Found) Alannah Foster

Well. If you want to make a video with her, then it has to be early. However, he's a nice girl, she likes to meet new people and if you want to check her channel click the link




TacoSalad954 likes to do other things than WOC, he's not uploading videos, and if you try to contact him on skype he'll not pick up, however if you do get contact with him, i'm sure you'll you'll get used to him.If you want to check his channel click the link



Are you instered? Well if you are if you get stuff like

Camastia Studios


Good Commentory

And if you good with comedy, and good with thumbnails, (and if you like WOC) then this is for You.

We will try to help you get larger with our skills, however if you want to join you MUST,

Have over 40-50 or more subscribers,

You must have more than 10 views one your first time you upload a video

Must have skype

A youtube account(if you going to ask why Minecraft Fan dosn't have a channel and he's in the team, well because he was my first friend on skype)

And MUST have a device to at least play with us

If you have anymore questions to the network then contact us

Thank you,

Samuel Ross, CEO of thw WOC Team

Contact me on:

skype: RossomeGaming

Gmail: rossomegaming7@gmail.com


Worldcraft Epic
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I am u big fan!