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I love this game a lot! But, some things hold it back. First of all, a slab is normal but when you leave your creative work and come back it is a whole block. Second of all, there are so many inappropriate games on multiplayer and I'm bringing justice to that. But, I'm being reported for saying "Stop, this is nasty." Or saying "This is inappropriate and immature." Kids are playing these games and it's completely nasty! I'm sure people will agree with me.

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Welcome to WoC Forum, iUltrafox!

Please provide additional information (type of your device, and version of the game) to this topic: http://woc.solverlabs.com/content/slab-blocks and we will test,will try to reproduce and fix this bug!


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We are testing this slab blocks on various devices now! Thank you again for informing us! And please provide us with information about type of your device and version of the game here, or to the appropriate topic: http://woc.solverlabs.com/content/slab-blocks

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Dear iUltrafox!

It is very sad to hear this for us, but i am fully agree with you that such things sometimes happens in WoC Multiplayer!

We have started to moderate maps on Multiplayer! Please read this topic: http://woc.solverlabs.com/content/moderation-actions-under-mapsservers . We hope that all maps will have appropriate look soon!

Do you have any other thoughts/wishes to our team to stop inappropriate look of the game on Multiplayer?

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World of cubes is not for online dating and people truing to be prosistutes