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Ok we know.. Everyone love survival multiplayer. But Something will bad happend.

Example like someone steal you stuff. Someone will try to kill you.

SomeOne will take u wood?!
Someone steal u diamond.
Someone dig big a hole at the spawn. (Which mean you fall and died...
What happend if someone break the crafting tools while u crafting.
Wat happend if you are sleep and someone break the bed.
Someone put a trap at you house?

Ok maybe its not a good idea.
But if everone in woc are goood.. It should be cool.

Thats all1 :)

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I thought maybe survival multiplayer would be private so you could invite your friends or have PvP servers and fight against your friends.

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Each of those points would actually depend on whether how good you are at hiding things or how patient you are with how far away from spawn you want to go if it is going to be a non-private...thing. If you want to hide something valuable, then you would think about the best ways to do so. And I don't think there will be a shortage of wood in a survival game seeing as though trees are everywhere.

In regards to your point about damage to the spawn area, I'm sure they'll do the same as what they did for normal worlds so far. When you upload a world (I don't know about non-read only) you aren't allowed to build or destroy blocks around the spawn so that will probably be the case with multi-survival.

They would also probably stop people from destroying your bed when you are sleeping on it just by not adding that and making it a rule.

If someone breaks your tools, just make more. And if someone puts a trap in your house, you obviously aven't hidden your house very well :P

Whether they will add PvP to survival is unknown but if they do then so be it. It'll just end up being something like factions on MineCraft which I wouldn't complain about. And besides it's all about the fun anyway, even if it does get annoying.

Though I myself am not a fan of survival, I'm happy enough that they are adding it to the game. Hope that helps you to understand :)