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Worldcraft Epic
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There Are many Griefer in The game! Do you know How To Stop Them? COMMENT!
For me I thing ban Griefer is a bad idea Because THEY WILL COME BACK AND GRIEF.

What You idea?

Do You Agree With Me To Stop The Griefer?
This is important!

A- Ban Them


C-Just remove the block that They Grief

D-Coment You Idea


Mikemike3321 (not verified)
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Just reported the griefer and get them banned 

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A feature should be implemented into the game it's self that allows the world creator to turn on build mode for each individual entity that joins their world. Therefore everyone who joined would automatically have build mode off and the creator would have to turn it on. Griefer problem solved.

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In the future you guys will have to make something like baseplates so everyone has there own base to build on without being worried, Or you could put a host options so they could get banned or they could not break blocks and place.

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Oops I kinda copied MasterX's idea sorry.

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well Just recently HickCity has been griefed Alot but its read only so theres only2 things they could be

1) Hacker

2) Glitched player.

Although He only comes on when im not on the server so i cant stop him. Im forced to clean up his grieving.

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But my friends that play on hickcity say it was someone by the name Preston.  Some People think its my older brother or sister or my younger brother or sister Byt That Would be FALSE i dont have a brother or sister.

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Cop I see a lot of people on HickCity that imposter you  as a owner. I can give you the names if you want to know who is impostering you.