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Cities Builders Inc
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I Love the new texture in this game, and don't get me stated with the skins!


However, there are  few thing that really need to be added in the game 'nd it includes

-Sign (I really need that right now for the world i'm wrking on)

-Making the TNT go off (So really Flint & Steel

If you guys wanna put something in the comments that i miss out, knock yourselfs out!



Winter Rising
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KK, first off, UPDATE Android and Windows completely.

Android update stinks as of right now, better be more coming. The description says more skins but i still have the same junky ones.

Windows version needs to be updated cuz that is what i use to build.

Running lava and water wud be nice.

I do wish that the crouch button would be in Windows version.

Anyways, Ken Hart out!

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Thank you guys for your comments! :) 

Btw you can get World of Cubes on Google Play with all new skins here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.slgames.blockwrld

We will release the game to Windows Store very soon!