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        Hellow, and i am BajanCanada, but you may refer to me as Chase. (Yes my username is childish i made it a while back to match my WoC Username.) I have a question. Will WoC be free for windows? It sais you have to pay for it on the hame screen, but could it at least be free for the first few weeks or so? And 2nd of all, if we have already purchased WoC on any Idevice, shouldnt it be free on other devices. Please, I love this game and will be talking about it in several Forum posts, but, I do wish I could get it free on Windows instead of paying for it again. Thank you and I hope you all take my topic into account. Thank you.



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Hi it did not come out for windows yet and I don't know  if you have to pay for it for windows yet go to this link and  Put in your email to get a notification when it come out for windows here is the link http://woc.solverlabs.com/content/woc-for-windows

And if you already purchased WOC on any idevice it will be free I hope this help you Smile

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Don't try it because it will put a virus into your phone