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I am starting a  Unofficial World of Cubes Building Contest! YAY! Make your best town that is not a copy or rebuild of something els. Make it from scratch and build build build! Maby for the best build you will get 1 day up at the top of the list depending on how good of a build you have made. Send a message to be to be a judge!

Make a video if you want and maby use this music called CubeLand! Serch it up on youtube

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ConfusedEveryone start building and show everyone your skills! 

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<p>Come on guys! We need your projects so we can show them off</p>

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Is it solo or teamwork too?

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You can do both if you want. Than send me the map name after you reupload it and ill see whos is best.

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Great news! Surely a lot of participants are excited to join in this contest. Various talents and craft will be demonstrated. Looking forward to seeing entries for this competition. Cheers! mental health speaker Sydney