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uhh hey WoC sin here

i just need to ask you something ..

can you please fix this .. 

when i type : fake it says [cen]e, whats the problem with the word fake it wasnt even a bad word

and oh thanks for assassin word fix i rlly loved it,

also with the grass it says g[cen]

u shld work for it .. /

also i need some fix for username i wanna put assassin on my name but it says i contains bad words on my name so i got disappointed.. better fix some stuffs 


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Hello! Thank you for the reply!

We have fixed bugs according to your request! Sin, now you can put words to the chat like: assassin and grass etc!



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it censors "???" for some reason

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You can type "???" in chat!

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wocadmin do you think you could make it so you can put simbols like ' " [ { ] } and put spy in code like *** that would be great thanks

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