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Ok so i was thinking what if some people all get into a skype call and we can chat and build instead of typing if you would like that message me and send me you skype name or email so i can find you in skype. 

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Cool idea!

Cities Builders Inc
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citiesbuildersinc or superpig788@gmail.com

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Hey I kinda love your idea, it seems that you think out of the box.

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If you want to add me my skype name is donald9345 just write you wc name in the skype chat so i know who you are and this would also be could to talk to wocadmin and ogla about ideas as well :-).

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I love this idea too!

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My skype-name is lysetska :)

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I would Skype with you guys but my face would break your screens XD

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hey guys i am calypso i have been playing for a while now and have decided to join the wiki.

If anyone wants ill skpe them at musicninja23


i build a lot mostly book based worlds that are pretty decent. If you are looking for a camp half blood or camp jupiter let me know.