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Ok so i have an idea i know alot of ppl would want this this would add a whole new feature to the game i know ppl want typing commands especially owners of servers so i got some ideas for typing commands to stop griefers and to help server owners to build faster servers and see more creative things now the first thing i know we all hate is griefers so say you didn't want a player to build you could type \\players name rank 0 and this wouldn't allow a player to build. Now say you wanted a certain person to build you type \\rank 1and this would allow them to build. Now i know alot of ppl are wanting admins in the game if you dont know what an admin its a player who is a lower rank then an owner but higher then a normal woc player now to make a certain person and admin you type \\players name rank 2 and this would put them as an admin. Now for banning player say someone is doing or saying something in appropriate the owner or admin could type \\ban players name for 24 hours and it would ban them for that certain amount of time. Now to unban a play you type \\unban players name and it would unban them from your server. Now for world edit now if you dont know what world edit is its a command to help you do things faster but easier. So say you were building a house but you didnt like how it looked the owner and admins could hit a certain block and type a radius and type \\regenerate and it would erase that whole building or you could type \\ change stone to sandstone and it would change them blocks into that certain block if you are confused about what im talking about search on youtube minecraft world edit mod and youll see what im talking about. Now to set commands on your world say you wanted to make a pvp arena for players to battle in survival mode you could select the size area and type \\ survival area and then players could build armor and more but in order to do this the owner must do server restarts to regenerate the world but not delete anybuildings or anything it would jut regenerate the dirt and other things that was mined under ground. Pluse adding the command feature would also allow us to build pvp,parkour,mini game and other fun servers to see what ive been talking about look up minecraft world edit mod on youtube.com .i hope everyone likes this idea if you do plz comment this would be a awesome new feature to add to this game. If you guys want more ideas to add to the game message me if got plenty of ideas thnx for reading :-).

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you are minecraft fan, so maybe commend will be like minecraft commend like:

/ban <player name>

/op <player name>

/whitelist <add/remove> <player name>

(In mod/plug-in)//replacenear <radius> <block ID/name> (<--get remove  get replace-->) <block ID/name>

//regen <player name/explotion> <radius>


Much better to remember.

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Yes it would be its just an idea of commands :-).

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Tp to people