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So for the last couple of days everytime I quit the game, when I come back all the things I've built or placed, blocks,  torches, workbenches, have all disappeared. My inventory stays the same, but anything I placed is gone, and anything I've dug is gone, ore and stone etc is back in place. This works whether I've left for a minute or a day. Please help as obviously this disrupts my game.

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Sorry, its version 1.7 on a samsung galaxy tab2 7

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You have to update the game to v.1.8.

Unfortunatelly, the game is not available on Google Play now, but you can download the game on Getjar or SlideMe App Stores:

1. Download WoC v.1.8 from Getjar by this link: http://www.getjar.mobi/mobile/811065/

2. Download WoC v.1.8 from SlideMe by this link: http://slideme.org/application/world-cubes

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Are you sure you put all your stuff in a chess 

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