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Hi All!

We are starting poll on theme "What kind of new features do you think would be fun to have in World of Cubes?!" Here is a link to the poll: http://woc.solverlabs.com/content/what-kind-new-features-do-you-think-wo...

Vote for your favorite features, most desired features will be added to the game! 

World of Cubes Team


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Hello Cretors,

I voted for feature that i want to see in WoC! Will you add this features to the next update - v.1.7? 

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wocadmin are you adding the most voted or top 3?

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Can't you just add all? it will be like a win, win, win, win, win...

2 Minutes later..

win, For all of us. like all the things that we want is in the game, we dont have to pick just one. 

what do you guys think? ._.

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I agree :3

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id like there to be flowing whater and lava tnt being abel to explode in multiplayer having a day and night in multiplayer and being abel to invite frieands also being able to hit a person in maltiplayer but thay cant die just have them flash red for a secend like in mine craft kind of         p.s bow to the king babydevil

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The ability to turn lights on and off/ auto on off, a more developed survival, more items/ more interaction in game, a archery bow, pets, things growing/ grass on bald dirt, brush, & trees regrowth, & keeping a copy of a map in creative mode when you upload it, people kill your maps!

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Option of enemies! I would like to turn pumpkin knight off, and up the number of zombies by 10!

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After trying multi player again, I have to suggest worlds where each player can build on only an allotted portion of land. Make a round map like a "World"!

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Hello creators :)

the new feature that I would really like are multiplayer survival, lava and water flows, new biomes in survival and a bunch of new blocks  

to use for building :)

Worldcraft Epic
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Spawn egg and wooden sign

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Say 1  if u want alp these features Spawn eggs for horses cows pigs spiders wolfs dogs cats donkeys chickens turkeys ducks lions tigers flying horses fish sharks dolphin pet dragons u can ride on  and trains and moving boats vehicles new skins like kids skins animals skins mermaid skins moving rollorcoasters food house objects like sinks toilets bathtubs Queen sized beds and king sized beds mirrows drawers that u can put things in but only ur player has the key to open it tables chairs blankets counters and silverware and u will be able to to these things in multi player and multiplayer survival and regular survival

unicorn lover
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Hi :) <:)


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Hi unicorn lover!

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I would like to see night added to creative mode and have the option of adding mobs or not. Also the addition of a peaceful mode like in minecraft. Being able to use things like the craft table and furnace and bed in creative mode, add all animals from survival mode to creative mode and add things so that farms can be made like hay or fence.

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I think adding all of these features would be so cool. Especially sand and glass in survival, running water, boats, pets, and a better jumping system more like the old one because all the park our maps are pretty much impossible with the jump button now. I hope there's a new update soon! :)

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All world of cubes players listen! Report building button has been mostly used for falarm reports report button should be fixed!

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Just add them all...

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Day and night in creative mode ...

And adding new skins or we make our skins :)