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Hi All,

Good news! Version 1.6 is waiting for approval at Apple! Prepare your apple devices for the next update!
Amazon players will get v.1.6 after Apple players!

What's new in v.1.6:
1. Added new blocks.
2. The game became more dangerous: Mobs can hide in the shadows during the day! Mobs can break your wooden doors! Spiders can walk on the walls! Wolves can be united in the packs and attack in packs!
3. Added Sneak Mode. So you can move slowly and carefully, for example, to avoid falling near the edge of a tall crevice in Survival Mode, and to build stuff without falling off in Creative Mode.
4. Improved new game controller. Your movements became more faster and easy now.
5. Added possibility to fly vertically upwards and downwards vertically in Creative Mode. (http://take.ms/OVbbb)
6. Added button Upload Online to Creative Mode, so you can start your creative adventure with many users online by one click/touch.
7. Added new options.
8. Added new background and game logo.
9. Added help and community buttons.

World of Cubes Team

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World of cubes is one of my favorite games! I wish apple would hurry up lol

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Yea Amazon needs I too


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This will be really cool!

I just wish it would get approval from Apple. I just wish it was faster approval like Android.

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You should add the ability to make wolves your pet! Like if you gave them some meat or something and then they become your loyal pet and help fight would you. That would be beyond awesome.

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I wish in survial you can add peaceful because sometimes I'm scared of the mobs I'm a girl by the way so plzzzzz add that in next big update


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Yea do that make it so you can switch in game because I died a few times from pumpkin head ppl sneaking up on me


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Also the zombies make noises like a chainsaw and I freak out because it reminds me of a horror movie. 

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I will be on my server 

Ip: scotteysworld

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Yay the Apple update was released today! I wish I had a screen recorder so I could do an update vid on it though.. Anyways, the new update is awesome! So many new things especially on main menu and survival

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