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I know pepole have  been talking about this but do you guys know how long more until it comes out? Lately ive been dreaming about this game like im in the game , weird! And sleepwalking , aparenty according to my dad ( im 11) .  I looked online and found some crazy sleepwalking stories pretty funny too. Go look it up on google ! :-D   

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this game still free or I need to paid this game , if you guys put it back on playstore?


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it is a awesome game best in the world

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Yes, we are working on it, but it will take more time! But you can download the android version of the game on Getjar or SlideMe.

Link to download WoC v.1.8 from Getjar: http://www.getjar.mobi/mobile/811065/

Link to download WoC v.1.8 from SlideMe: http://slideme.org/application/world-cubes

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I did it said it will harm ur defice

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