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I just want to let you creators know some tips that can help you with building a world. One tip for your future world is to make a block blue print this means put the blocks on the area you want to build then you just build up with this tip you can build much easier and faster. Tip two build 8 blocks high I don't know if you guys know this but you can build 8 blocks high this can help you so much with big walls for castles and it's much quicker I recommend a smaller phone or tablet because you can tap much faster. Tip three don't put your unfinished world on servers this is just my tip I'm not saying you can do it its much harder building blocks and when you make a mistake it takes 5 seconds for one block to break best to finish the world in single player. Tip four if you need help with your world get players you can trust you never know what kind of person a player can be it might be a troller or a copy cat copy cats is what I call players that copy your world and say they build it and they get all the credit this is a serious problem with some world creators these are my tips what do you think should be on this post comment down below if this help you. Keep crafting WoC players ^-^

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WinkGreat tips!

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Nice tips! :D