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Ok, i finally found sheep and made a bed. Awesome!...
But then i died and when i respawned, i was stuck in my ceiling above my bed, my bed got moved, i died again. When i respawned i was attacked and pushed in a hole. Theres nothing but stones as far as i can see. In front of me when i walk, theres only a diamond shape of clear sky. Im without wood, so i cant make torches to see. And now its night time. I built a hut to be safe for now.

-How do I get back UP? nearby home
-How do i tame animals like dogs and cats? And do i have to trap them? if so, how do i do that? they run when i get close, ive tried digging holes but im not fast enough.
-I, also, keep getting lost. Ive tried putting pumpkin heads around my house but everything looks the same to me until im right up on it. ive dropped blocks and hoed the ground to mark my way. but i always end up losing my markers. How can i avoid getting lost?
Are there maps available somewhere, by chance? (That would ROCK!) :-)

Thanks for reading. And if anyone has any tips for a new player, all is appreciated.
And happy gaming!



i dug down until i reached stone i couldnt break. then i dug straight forward. until i reached a cave of some sort..took several pictures. if only i had torches and a stone pick and a bed :) lol

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I will try to help you :)

1. It is not easy to find your house again, as there is not map or compass available in the game! I can advise you to put Jack o Lantern near your house to mark it!

2. Unfortunately you can't tame dogs and cats. You can trap them. ma_hty has already wrote tips how to trap cats in Survival Mode by clicking Here.

"If you see a cat you would like to pet, dig a hole (2 square deep) to trap it initialy.  Afterwards, dig a tunnel (2 square deep) from the trap to your house, and push the cat all the way to your house  (^^" push means push literatlly, i.e. you standing behind the cat, and move forward ).  Though it's a messy task, but it can be don."(c)

3. We can only wait for the next update - where hopefully will be compass!

P.S. Craft and put Armor to protect your player from agressive mobs!


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All agreed, but cats and doggs have no use that I know of and ive been playing since august so if theres any information that I could have missed please tell     a compass would rockCool

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0K! :3

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> ...  cats and doggs have no use that I know of and ive been playing since august so if theres any information that I could have missed please tell


If you are thinking of producing resources, yup, cats and dogs are not useful.  However, they can be a great decoration.  Especially, when you move around a trap cat, you can hear some 'meow meow' sound.  We are playing a game here, right?  I guess... being fun is very useful already.  ^^

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So great old textures!