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My suggestions:
1. Rope
2. Iron ingot + rope = steel rope/cable
3. Trains and tracks
4. (2x) Iron ingot = (4x) bar of metal/lever/steel stick
5. (8x) lever = cage - for example to catch and transport animals
6. (4x) wooden planks + (5x) sticks = large wooden wheel - for mill 
7. (4x) iron ingot + (5x) bar of metal = large steel wheel 
8. stick + (2x) lever = winch 
  to move trains or to open castle gate
9. steel rope + large steel wheel + winch + cage = lift in 2 versions:
- cage + chest = service lift/storage lift
- cage + track = lift for train
When winch has 1 steel rope, cage moves down 1 block 
When winch has 99 steel rope, cage moves down 99 block 
10. dirt + any fuel (in furnace) = brick
11. (4x) brick = block of bricks
12. growth grass




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Cool :P

Worldcraft Epic
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My idea: new block,wooden sign,car,traks,POTRAL to ender and NETHER,Eeg spawn,new mobs:skelton :3

Worldcraft Epic
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I cant understand wat he say

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Thank you for your great suggestions!

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You are welcome :) I have more ideas but my english is not very good :( I think that instead electric, WoC could be to use muscle power. For example

13. treadmill with (1-4) horse

I can to expand on a few points. 

Greetings to You all.

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14. (2x) stick + rope = fishing rod

15. carrot + fishing rod = fishing rod with carrot to tame horses

16. wheat (in mill) -> flour + any fuel (in furnace) -> bread

17. @13 or @6 -> mill

18. sand

19. glass 

20. double door for animals 

21. fence + gate

22. casttle gate

23. seeds of trees

24. animals can eat bale, 

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