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I was thinking lately that we could do with a map.

I know wow is only a small world but I can find it hard sometimes

to find my way back...especially in the dark.

So maybe a small map in the corner of the screen, or link it somewhere

In the inventory.

It's just a suggestion :)

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I know *woc* is only a small world...


(Sry I put 'wow' instead of 'woc' ...stupid auto correct lol

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Hello! Thank you for your suggestion! We are going to add compass and coordinates to Survival Mode in the next update!

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you should add exploding tnt in maltiplayer and flowing lava and water in maltiplayer and you should add a day and night in maltiplayer and you should add that you can invite frieands on maltoplayer and that you can hit a person in maltiplayer but thay wont die thay would just flash red and nothing would happen just make shure thay know thay got hit


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Lol yes they should be able to hit people on multiplayer so now if they addb that I can finnaly start a fight and dicispline my kidsmail

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U should put

-different climate and weather too

-put vilage and vilagers

-multiplayer survival mode

-more monster like the enderman. More fun and creepy at night

-horses can be mounted

-long range weapon like bow or a rock that can be thrown

-more item like fences, boat and fishing rod

-maybe lake with sharks. Lol but it will be fun



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How many features will woc update? Skin maker/editor would be great, trains and boats would be awesome, and exploding tnt would be outstanding! These are the top updates that will make woc even better than minecraft pocket edition. :D