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Hello everybody. So today I (finally) finished work on the steam project that you may or may not have heard about. It is a steampunk themed world that I hope you will all enjoy and come to play around on. Like many of my worlds, it's filled with huge structures that are quite literally covered in detail. On the map there is a HUGE castle, housing area, marketplace, factories, airships, etc. The world is perfect for roleplaying. Along with the help of Xan (and CuteBoy), we managed to finish and it's looking pretty impressive if I don't say so myself. I really do hope that you come and check it out. A lot of effort went into making the world so that you can enjoy it. Please give it a rating if you like it, would mean a lot ^^

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I love this world! One of the best worlds i helped make! Please check out this awesome world!

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What's the name of this world in Multiplayer now? 

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I've had to rename the world due to some problems with the upload. It is now called steamTown

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My video for SteamTown. Shows pretty much every area of the world. Hope you enjoy!


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Lovely world you have there.