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"A slab is normal but when you leave your creative work and come back it is a whole block"



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This bug have been fixed, and will be added to the next update.

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yes, boss, this also happend on my ipad

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Good this needed to be fixed it was very annoying thank you.

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This bug fix is available on App Store now, soon will be available on other markets!

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Olga tell the creator to put trains and animals on multiplayer and multiplayer survival mode and put more animals on survival and multiplayer 

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Dear whitetiger!

We will tell to Creators about all of your wishes. But we have small team, that's why we can't do everything fast! But we are working on these features!

dj girl gamess
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One question can you guys add signs? Ik you guys have stuff to do but also server commands? That would be AMAZING!

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