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HELLO World of Cubes. I love this game but there is a few things that would up this game. FIST is the skins. The skins would need a skin editor so I it's not boring with the other skins and it's kind of rasist that there is no African American skin, and I think that's not right The skin editor will show someone's personality some people only like the Emily or Diana character and don't like the Rachel or Jessica ones and might think there weird so it would be nice to show what people look Like and i dont appershat how there are no brown hair people and just to tell u it's confusing how since there are so many people with the same skin its hard ro now whitch perso your looking sorry. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE also notice some of the skins are glitching And are turning black and brown and not showing the skins.PLEASE PLEASE RENAMED THE SKIN EDITOR PLEASE PLEASE I'M ON MY KNEES PLEASE DO THE SKIN EDITOR WITH MY HEART AND SOUL I WHAT THIS AND OTHERS DO TO :)

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That is a good idea I will let my team know about this now