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How can I ban someone from my world..? (if he was being mean)

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Some people comes and starts being mean and saying bad stuff at my world so I wanna know how to ban them too without reporting 5 times ..

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Someone answer me plz 

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Well in the first version of the game WorldCraft the original one the owner of a server could ban whom ever they want regardless of whatever the person was doing but they got rid of it, for the reasons that seemed most logical to me, people would ban other players at the slightest amount of being annoyed or just because a person would join a world and boom! Be banned from all servers for five minutes and its happend to me too, in December of 2013 I was banned from server so many times I had to wait 25 minutes! Wow! But it also had its ups too for instance you could ban a  griefer or a person that cracked the code to your world but still one thing I dont understand is why it still says ban player but it just gives them a warning.

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Hey! Soon we will release critical update, where we will remove Report Abuse button from all devices! 

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I expected the update about now. I guess you guys are tieing up loose ends to make sure its a good update.

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Yes, also we are working on Survival Multiplayer that will be released in Planet of Cubes very soon!

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I can't wait for survival multiplayer!!!! :D
I've been waiting for a whole year now for survival multiplayer.