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is fighting your hobby? you want some extreme challenge? are you strong enough to fight? then lets break some bones. "-_w looking for players who fights Rules: no Nn,Nb,Nd and etc. no over using actions such as dodge,block, teleport, miss etc. for example: Me: runs towards you and slices you across your stomach* You: *dodge* (Banned !) Fight properly. Fight fair. Meet me on NewVampirePalace if you want to fight and beat me. -IntoxicatedSin-

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Cool! I love this idea for Role Playing!

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laughs* welcome to the other side of worldcraft boss olga.

Winter Rising
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One problem:

Me: Kills you

You: Cheater

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well "Kill" is an act of being a noob.
i invite those who really knows
how to fight.

those fighters who fights Turn By Turn
and those who fights with details on how they
execute their actions.

maybe ur a noob

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Cool, game clicker heroes!

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