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Hi All,

It is really big problem that happend in Multiplayer with bans! You can be ban without any reason! How should we solve this issue? Any thoughts?

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Yes that has happened to me before! Also reviews on World of Cubes constantly complain about this. But what is good and bad that it takes five warnings to ban a player, which is good for the player, but bad if the player is griefing. What is not fair is that the owner can ban someone in one ban, even if the player had done nothing but enter the world. Also there is a bug when you get a warning, the warning just says [cen] no matter what you put. I will think about this.

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From now the owner will be able to ban player in five bans too.

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Sometimes, when a player hates me on a server, they keep reporting me just to send me hate messages and eventually, I get banned from my favorite server. >:( I don't know what to do about this except the creators of WoC seeing the reports. But I know that would be hard and annoying.

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You should make it to where any reports are sent to the owner so he can decide to ban the player or not.

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When I try to ban someone from my world because there messing it up or being mean a lot when I ban them their still there y won't the get banned this bug needs to b fixed

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From now the owner will be able to ban player in five bans too.

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They should see what the person who reported is telling the truth

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You can be banned with a reasonĀ