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Find The Twins Contest starts today!


One of WoC characters brings his twin with himself. Look at the picture and find two identical skins.

Click the image to open it in full size. Mark skins that you found in any graphic redactor (Paint for example) or write the skin name and post your results in this thread (Read this guide about using imgur.com to share your images on Forum).

First 3 winners will receive coins prizes!

Answers will be accepted until Thursday May 12.


1st Place:  300 coins

2nd Place: 200 coins

3rd Place:  100 coins

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VampireTha Gargoyle!!

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ya the gargoyle

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Can't edit pictures,but it's the gargoils. 1rst one:2nd row,5th player
2nd one:bottom row,7th player.

jack wisdon
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