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The user can't delete maps on Multiplayer!

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If you want to delete your server. Make sure no one joins for at least 1 week. Then the system will automaticly delete it by default. Olga told me this.

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Yes, it's true!

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Yep it is true I tried it once and olga can u come to my world called baybayvf and c if u like it and tell me what it needs then make animals there

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Yes, i think this is creative nice map! But need more progress! More buildings, road, and other stuff! BTW, you can invent and use your own unique design for your world! This unique design will make your world more special and united!

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Can you be my friend in the game, my nam e is "WilloamThePanda" Reply me to tell your name ;-) .


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I change my name alot so here r some names I go bye and my skin is emily BestQueenEver,Belle,Cheerleader,Nicemomstephanie.You can find me at coolcity but mostly hollywoodcity

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My game name is "minecraftfan"

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