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Hello! Please post your ideas how to stop griefers and bad/not for kids buildings in Multiplayer!

Maybe we need to change moderating system - add friend list, or add new roles like - owners, admins, players of the map. What do you think?

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I think one way to stop griefers is to add commands for the server owner and admins so say if someone is coming on your world and hes been reported for griefing so the owner or admins could type a command like \\rank 0 and this wouldnt allow the player to build. now to let a player build you type \\rank 1 it would allow them to build. Now for the owners to add an admin you could type for instance \\ name rank 2 for them to become an admin. And another comand could be \\ban players name and it would ban that player for the timer that the owner or admin set it for. But the owner could also unban someone buy typing \\unban players name and it would unban them from the server. This command typing system could also help the owners build better server in a faster time as well like world edit. I hope that this is easy to understand i tried to explain it as well as i could if you want any more ideas pm me :-).

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This would be nice however it would be a pain for the developers to implement in game. The easiest route to go as I posted in the game suggestions post is to apoint in game moderators, also it would be nice if the owner of a world could control other players building privileges from the player list menu.

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Well either way it would be a pain its not all that to make a game pluse this would be a great new feature to make the game better pluse i talked to alot of ppl want this you haft to admit this would be cool. 

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Command /back to spawn or /(player name)cant place block

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add server vote like /servervote ban <player name>

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Well, Thats A Good Question! 

You Could Have a Setting On Your Screen Saying

"Players List" NOT ON MENU

And Click The Person You Wanna Ban

And Have Somthing come up saying "Ban This Person?"

Thats My Suggestion