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Wow it took me so long to be able to make a new topic!So let's continue with the list....

Clownfish: they will spawn in the ocean,reed,and tropical biomes,sea anemones are basically a mob spawner that spawns in Clownfish,clownfish kill shrimp,destroy algae blocks(it has the same mechanics as vines,except vines are destroyed underwater)clownfish are breed by algae,and shrimp,on death,they drop 0-6 bone shards,and raw clownfish(which poisons you for 2 seconds if eaten) (cooked if death by fire),and can be cooked in the funace to get cooked clownfish(replenishes 2.5 hunger bars,and cannot poison you if eaten),and plenty of predatory animals will kill clownfish.They are Orange with white stripes,are passive mobs,and have 4 health.

Pufferfish: They can spawn in any non-snowing biome,even in rivers(because there are freshwater pufferfish in real life to!),have 5 health,have 3 skins,with one yellow,one yellow with black spots,and one in a tanish-brownish-Orange color,are neutral mobs(if you attack one,it will inflate,swim towards you,impails with it's spikes/which damages you by 0.5 hearts of heath,poisons you for 4 seconds,and gives you the nausea debuff for 4 seconds/and then swims away and reacts as if what happens if you attack a passive mob such as a cow,and deflates.destroys seaweed,water plants,algae,and lilly pads,and kills shrimp and crab(which you can also breed them with),on death drop 0-6 bone shards and raw pufferfish,which gives you poison,wither,and nausea debuff for 4 seconds(cooked if death by fire)and can be cooked in the funace to get cooked pufferfish(which doesn't give you the debuff effects raw ones get you mostly execpt the poison debuff for 2.5 seconds 2% of the time,and replenishes 3 hunger bars)and piranhas,sharks,barracudas will kill pufferfish. Raw pufferfish can also be used to make a water breathing potion.

Salmon:they can spawn in any biome in the game that has water,have 5 health,has a pinkish-red body,with a green head(pink salmon based skin),will automatically breed in a river every few 5 game days,but otherwise are breed by algae,shrimp,and crab(and destroy the block and mob versions of those items),also if one spawns not in a river,but less than 20 blocks away,with a way of getting in the river,will swim in that direction.on death will drop 0-6 bone shards,and raw salmon(cooked if death by fire),and can be cooked.They are passive mobs,and most predatory mobs will kill salmon(Especially bears! they love em'! :D)

They spawn in ocean,reef,and tropical biomes,are neutral mobs with 5 health(they swim after you for 4 seconds and bite you which causes 1 heart of damage each bite,because they have a powerful bite when threatened,otherwise they're harmless!)Have 2 skins(one based off the clown triggerfish,and one based off the hukanuka fish),they kill crab,and shrimp,and destroy sea weed,and coral(which can be used to breed them)on death,will drop 0-6 bone shards and a triggerfish(can't be cooked and causes nausea and wither debuff for 3.5 seconds, but replenishes 3 hunger bars from it!),and alot of predatory ocean creatures will kill triggerfish.

Tangs:they are fish that spawns in ocean,reef,and tropical biomes,have 5 health,neutral mobs(when attacked will attack you in similar mechanics as the triggerfish,however doesn't bite you but instead,attacks you with it's poison barb on the base of it's tail find,and poisons you for 4 seconds),destroys All types of aquatic plants,and kills shrimp(which is also used to breed them),on death,drop 0-6 bone shards,and a tang/dead/(same thing as the triggerfish/dead/ item does,just instead of wither,it gives you poison,but with the same duration,nausea,and replenishes 3 hunger bars),has multiple skins(based off the yellow tang,sailfin tang,blue powder tang,regal tang/also known as bluetang/,naso tang,and lined surgeon fish),and alot of predatory ocean creatures will kill tangs :'( poor bluetangs....so any way back to the list!

Lion fish:a hostile mob with 6 health,kills all other fish species,plus shrimp and crab,cannot be breed but instead goes by the other mechic of if it doesn't see the player for a few seconds,then will go into love mode!,has multiple skins,sharks,Nassau groupers,barracudas,and few other mobs will kill lion fish,however lots of the mobs lion fish can kill,try to swim away from the lion fish to stay alive.They cause you to get the wither debuff for 6.5 seconds(in other words,one attack from them will almost kill you!),on death,they will drop 0-6 bone shards,1 dead lion fish(one of a few items used to make wither potions),0-12 lion fish spikes(one of the items you can use to make a poison potion),and 0-6 raw fish.

angelfish:they can spawn in ocean,reef,and tropical biomes,have 4 health,are passive mobs,destroy seaweed,and algae(which you can breed them with),on death drops 0-6 bone shards and a dead angelfish(don't worry,it'll make it to heaven! xD),which basically does everything dead tang does(same effects,durration,and how much hunger it replenishes),has multiple skins (based off the emperor,flame,queen,yellow band,and rock beauty angelfish along with a few other angelfish species),alot of predatory ocean creatures will kill angelfish.

Butterfly fish:Spawns in ocean,reef,and tropical biomes,are passive mobs with 4 health,kills shrimp,and destroys aquatic plants,and seaweed,alot of predatory ocean creatures will kill butterfly fish,theyhave multiple skins(based of the yellow long nosed,tear drop,blue cheeck,pyramid butterfly fish,along with a few more butterfly fish species)and on death will drop 0-6 bone shards,raw butterfly fish(cooked if death by fire)and it can be cooked in a furnace,and at a 1% chance to drop 1 gold ingot(a joke about how a popular YouTuber that I don't really like named SkyDoesMinecraft,names gold ingots "butter",and butterfly fish have the word butter in the name,so it's the perfect "Easter egg" for the game if butterfly fish dropped gold ingots at a 1% chance!

And that's all for now so stay tuned for section 10! Bye! :D

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Any maybe a shark..Devil

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Oh,I already talked about sharks in I think section 8! xD

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For some reason,the post says that clownfish can spawn in reed biomes?I really hate this autocorrect madness on my device! I meant reef biomes! xD

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NOTE:ALL mobs I mentioned on here will be modeled in the same stile of the current animal mob models,because square ones are to much like Minecraft,yet Olga is still making every mob cube shaped now...This isn't Minecraft!I love the fact that the animals have realistic mob models in WoC,it was unique!now they're imitating Minecraft,and removing the thing such unique about WoC! So all mobs i've mentioned,I expect them to have realistic mob models ok?