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So this time i'll try to not put to many details and make this one smaller,so this time i'll talk about....fishing and water mobs!(probably a shorter topic in this category compared to the rest of the other topics)
Craft a fishing rod with,3 sticks,and 2 silk to make a fishing rod to catch small fish,8 silk to make a fishing bet to catch larger fish,squid,guardians,jellyfish,crabs,shrimp,lobsters,sharks,and sea turtles,and craft spears with 3 sticks,and 2 of either planks,cobblestone,iron ingots,lapis ingots,emerald ingots,copper ingots,gold ingots,and diamond ingots,and they're not really meant for water,but you can do spear fishing with them,and you can make (bigger than normal boats) fishing boats of of 7 iron ingots,2 fence posts,1 wheel,1 redstone dust,1 fish nets,and 2 white wool,and you can tap on the wheel to turn the boat on,and hold down on the screen at the wheel in the boat and then while holding down,move your finger in the direction you want the boat to sail,and tap on the net on the boat to lower it down,and when it catches 6 mobs,will bring the net back out of the water,and the next can make it to 30 blocks below sealevel,2 blocks under that will start to spawn deep sea life,then 10 blocks lower,will be the bottom of ocean elevation levels.And when you get the net back,tap on the net to get drops from all the creatures it caught,and tap it again to lower the net back in the water.

Then with fishing rods,you can also catch items,and as soon as you put a normal fishing rod in the water,these following mobs,and items:
Junk items:
1.Lilly pads
4.rotten flesh
6.leather boots
7.trip wires hooks
8.sugar canes
9.primsine shards,sea anemone,sea sponge,coral,and seaweed(ocean,beach,and reef biomes only)
10.water plants
11.and silk
12.wood(depends on biomes for any other one other type other than oak wood,and tree wood)

Treasure items:
2.fishing rod
3.iron sword
4.diamond ingot
5.iron ingot
6.gold helmet

Fish caught from un-baited fishing rods:
Fish caught from baited fishing rod(1 worm/silverfish/beetle and 1 fishing rod):
All fish above,and...
16.moorish idol
17.flame anglefish
18.yellow band anglefish
19.emperor anglefish
20.flashlight fish
21.long nose butterfly fish
22.copperhead butterfly fish
23.sailfin tang
24.yellow tang
25.lined surgeon fish
26.naso tang
27.Orange spine surgeon fish
28.blue cheeck butterfly fish
29.blue tang
30.clown triggerfish
to use fishing rod,when it's in your hand,hold down on the screen at the water,and it will cast the line.Fish swim towards the fishing rod's Bobber,or the bait on it,and then when the fish gets to the bait/bobber,will make a slashing noise and you tap on the screen to real it in.

And i'll talk about The new mobs in the next forum!

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And fish #13 are piranhas.