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I'm just requesting a bunch of aquatic creatures in this one.....hope solverlabs team likes my ideas here...

37.frog fish:a passive mob with 5 health,spawns in all ocean related biomes except deep ocean,and trench biomes,have multiple skins,(like an anglerfish)has a lure on it's head to attract it's prey(most small fish,shrimp,and crab),and when an entity it can kill gets close enough to it...it has a quick jaw opening,expanding,and closing in a 1 second durration animation of the section of the mob's AI,and gives the entity it attacks....56 damage(instantly killing it's prey,and it's supposed to simulate how frog fish have the fastest jaw of any animal on earth,and instantly swallowing their prey whole...cool right?),the fish doesn't swim,but it can crawl along the bottom of the ocean floor, a few predatory ocean creatures will kill frog fish,and on death will drop 0-6 bone shards,and 0-6 raw fish. Note:It doesn't make frog sounds...or any sound for that matter! xD

38.man-o-war fish: a passive mob with 4 health,are imunne to the effects of sea jellies(jelly fish),which the fish uses as an advantage,so they hide in sea jelly's tentacles for protection,they are little white fish,with black stripes,it will destroy algae and kill shrimp,lots of predatory ocean creatures will kill man-o-war fish,but most won't challenge a sea jelly to get to the fish,on death drop 0-6 bone shards,and raw fish (cooked if death by fire),and spawns in every biome sea jellies do.

39.mandrin fish:a passive mob with 2 health,it has a huge variety of colors on it(and has another skin of it white,with spots with blue,yellow/orange mix color,and black In it),spawns in stone beach,reef,and tropical biomes,and then after that is basically how the goby is(mandrin fish are a type of goby,just slightly separated from the specie groups,but closely related),and are quite slower than gobies.

40.snapper:basically the same AI as the standard fish(the very first aquatic mob I requested on the forum),the only difference is it kills small fish,destroys other certain blocks,has multiple skins(based on actual species,not color shades,like how it is with the standard fish),and that it spawns only in the ocean related biomes.

41.flying fish:these passive mobs with 5 health,will actually fly up to 5 blocks above sea level,keep moving forward for 8 more blocks,than quickly the fish lands back in the water(and hopefully not bump into and get stuck on land durring the process),kill shrimp,on death drop raw fish (cooked if death by fire),and tuna,dolphins,sword fish/Marlin/sail fish,sharks,barracudas,and Mahi Mahis will kill flying fish.And "flock" together in a group,this will also be found in behavior of sheep,mice,penguins,dolphins,whales,tuna,small shoaling fish.

44.Antarctic Sliver fish:they are basically the sardines(yet sardines still spawn in the following biomes and diementions...)of the oceans nearby tundras,tigias,glacier biomes,and Ice Cave(a new diemention i thought up earlier today),these fish are almost exaclty the same as sardines,except in real life,they aren't related to sardines,and seal/sea lions,sea otters,sea gulls,sharks,and "cold region" penguins kill Antarctic sliver fish.

45.eel:they are neutral mobs (gives you 2 hearts of damage each time it attacks you,and it attacks you repeatedly for 6 seconds) that spawn in a very simple generated structure in ocean,reef,kelp forest,mangrove swamp,stone beach,and deep ocean biomes,named "eel den",which is 1 block tall,1 block wide,and 3 block deep hole in the floor,or wall of the ocean's terrain,eels are 2-3 long,have multiple skins,kill small fish,shrimp,crab,lobster,and squid/octopus,and sharks,and barracudas will kill eels.

46-47."warm" region penguins & "cold" region penguins:they spawn in oceans next to Savannah biomes,and jungle biomes,and spawn directly in,stone beaches,and tropical biomes,and "cold" region penguins spawn in oceans next to tiaga biomes,and directly on glacier biomes, are neutral mobs (gives you 1 heart of damage each time it attacks you,and ATTACKS IN PACKS!!! :o) with 8 health,spawns in groups of 6-10 penguins,(in docile mode)kills small fish,squid/octopus,shrimp,and tuna,and plenty of predatory (even some land predators) animals will kill"warm region" penguins,they have multiple skins based on species of penguins that aren't found in Antarctica in real life, while cold region penguins are based on penguin species that live in Antarctica,on death both "warm"&"cold" region penguins drop 0-6 bone shards,0-3 raw fish,0-8 feathers,and raw bird(cooked if death by fire),and both "warm"&"cold" region penguins make penguin sounds.there are also nether(killer)penguins with 10 health,hostile,and set you on fire(this is actually a monster mobs,not an animal one surprisingly,and "cold" region penguins(along with so many other mobs that spawn in cold biomes),will spawn in the Ice Cave diemention,which there's also a penguin boss(yeah,I thought up all the weird ideas about the diemention just a few hours ago).

48-49.groupers&Nasual(I couldn't correctly spell that world....) groupers:neutral mobs with 12 that (normal groupers)spawn in all ocean related biomes execpt trench,and mangrove swamp biomes,and (Nasual groupers)spawn in reef,and tropical biomes,and they kill a huge variety of Marine animals(including pufferfish,and box fish),and the Nasual groupers will additionally kill lion fish,and the sharks,and barracudas will kill both groupers.on death,both groupers types drop 0-6 bone shards,and 0-5 raw fish.groupers have multiple skins,while the Nasual groupers don't.

50.pinecone fish:a slow passive mob with 4 health,that spawns in deep ocean,and trench biomes,but however at night,can uncommonly spawn in reef biomes,it kills shrimp,and destroy sea weed,and the anglerfish,giant squids,fang tooths,and wolf fish,will kill pinecone fish,pinecone fish have a slight armor resistance protection(because of it's thick scales),and on death drop 0-6 bone shards,and raw fish (cooked if death by fire)

51.flashlight fish:this passive mob with 4 health emits a small light,spawns in deep ocean,and trench biomes,but however at night,can uncommonly spawn in reef biomes,are speedy fish,kills shrimp and destroy algae and sea weed,is basically like a main food source(after shrimp,and then standard fish,which can spawn in water of any elevation and biome) to predatory ocean creatures,and deep sea creatures,and spawn in groups of 6-12.on death drop 0-6 bone shards,and raw fish (cooked if death by fire)

52.fan fin:a passive fish with 6 health,spawns in trench biomes,kills shrimp,and few mobs kill fan fins,on death drop 0-6 bone shards.

53.snail fish:a sluggish speed passive mob with 4 health that spawns in trench biomes,kills shrimp,and a few deep ocean creatures will kill snail fish,on death drop 0-6 bone shards,0-3 slime balls,and raw fish(cooked if death by fire).

54.blob fish:a sluggish speed passive mob with 4 health,that spawns in deep ocean,and trench biomes,kills shrimp,and destroy algae,and a few predatory ocean creatures will kill blob fish,on death drop 0-6 bone shards,0-3 slime balls,and raw fish( cooked if death by fire).

55.fang tooth:a neutral fish with 4 health,that gives you 1 heart of damage each time it attacks you that attacks in packs,spawns in trench biomes,kills lots of small fish,a few predatory ocean creatures will kill fang tooths,on death drop 0-3 bones and raw fish (cooked if death by fire).

56.Anglerfish:a neutral mob that spawns in trench biomes,have a lure on their heads(female anglerfish mob model only)that emits a slightly bright light,kills all passive deep sea creatures,and fang tooths,few mobs will kill anglerfish,and on death drop 0-3 bones,0-5 raw fish,fishing rod (3%),torch(3%),primsine shard (2%),and raw anglerfish (cooked if death by fire).there are 2 mob models of this mob,female,and male(male is transparent,tiny,has no lure with light,and 0-5 male anglerfish will spawn with,and follow a female anglerfish around,kinda like real life).

57.wolf fish:they spawn in deep ocean biomes,and trench biomes,kill most other deep sea creatures,few mobs would kill wolf fish(like for example giant squids),and on death drop 0-6 bone shards,and 0-12 raw fish.

58.giant squid:a hostile mob that spawns in trench biomes,and at night,they will rarely spawn in deep ocean biomes,kill just about every other mob in it's biomes,and whales(all will spawn with mob model of whale specie,sperm whale/yes there's a specie of whale named that,and they can eat giant squids..../in the trench biome),and sharks(all sharks will spawn in mob models of species,goblin,frill,and bluntnose six-gill sharks in trench biome)will kill giant squids,on death drop 0-6 ink sacks,and 10 raw calamari(cooked if death by fire).

59.Marine Iguana:they are passive mobs with 8 health,that spawns in tropical biomes,swim fast under water,destroys water plants,sea weed,algae,grass,and flowers,tangs&angel fish like to follow the iguanas(sea turtles to) around,and few mobs kill Marine Iguanas.

60.tube worm:a stationary passive mob that spawns in hydro-thermal vents genarated structure in trench biomes,where the worms spawn in groups of 3-22,yeti crabs kill tube worms,tube worms don't starve at all,and tube worms have a long,white tube body with red at the tip.

And that's it for now,stay tuned for section 13,where I finally finish aquatic mob topic,and the Marine life peice of it,soon,i'm talking about the fresh water aquatic life for WoC,then the aquatic life topic should be over for the list!

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Or I should say section 12,not 13.... xD

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Oh never mind! The title is incorrect(2 sections are named "11",and this one's "12" so,yeah 13 is next.