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3 1/2.Rest of the info about apples:when eaten,you get regeneration 2 for 5 seconds,and Absorption for 2 minutes,and you can find them in abandoned mineshaft,dungeon,village blacksmith,desert temple,and stronghold chests.and enchanted golden apples are not crafted,but are only found in dungeon,abandoned mineshaft,and stronghold chests,and mob drops from the rare giant zombies in a different diemesion.and with 1 apple,1 egg,and sugar will make an Apple pie.

4.bows and arrows.

5.Chains:these are crafted by 3 iron ingots and give you 3 chains,and they can be crafted into chain-mail armor.and certain monsters will sometimes spawn wearing chain-mail armor(along with any other armor type)and when they die will sometimes drop the armor.

6.add blocks to the game that already have items it needs to be crafted with to the game(like minecarts,gates,anvils,cauldron,glass panes,iron bars,and more).

7.dyes and more colors of wool:
Add all 16 dyes,carpet,and wool colors in Minecraft and add some additional ones.and the recipes for them also.and sheep spawning with certain other colors other than white,but you can dye sheep.

8.update to the HUD:
Thirst bar,breath meter,Exp.bar,mini map(maps,and unlockable compass only),And Sprint icon.Sprint makes you move 3 times as fast as normal, handy for when you're attacked by pumpkin heads,but it depletes the hunger bar twice as fast as normal when you're activated,and tap on the icon again to deactivate it.

9.maps,compasses,clocks:maps will tell you the elevation,and coordinates,and will even have a mini map that shows you a above veiw of all the chunks you already generated in a world.and compasses tell you the direction you're facing,and clocks tell you the time,but it tells you digital time,such as 6:00 A.M. 5:32 A.M. 10:00 P.M. 4:00 P.M. and so on. But the disadvantage is that all these 3 will only tell you things when it's in your inventory,but if not,or if you die and don't have a spare one or get the one you lost back,it does nothing.which makes a reason to unlock the compass thing,right?and maps are crafted with 1 compass and 8 paper,compasses are crafted by 1 redstone dust,and 4 iron ingots,and clocks are crafted with 1 redstone dust and 4 gold ingots.

10.tame-able animals:
wolf+feed with 1-12 bones=dog
Ocealot+feed with 1-12 raw/cooked fish of any specie,raw/cooked chicken,or raw/cooked turkey meat.=cat
Horse/Donkey/Mule+saddle=tamed horse
Pig+saddle+carrot on a stick=a ridable controable,pig.

when mining tree leaves block,you will Always get 9 leaf from,And you can craft 1 leaves block by those 9 leaf items.different species of trees have different kinds of leaf items(oak trees give oak leaf,birch trees give birch leaf,and so on for almost every other tree in the game).and acacia leaf can be used to feed/breed giraffes.

12.bones:maybe skeletons could get added,but I thought of other ways to get bones,animals and zombies will drop 1-6 bone shards,and with 3 of them,you can craft 1 bone,if you eat rotten flesh,or raw/cooked chicken,you will always get a bone afterwards.you can get them as a junk item while fishing,and fossil ores can be found under ground from elevation levels of 0-46,and need at least a stone pickaxe to mine and when mined properly,will give you 3-10 bones.and you can craft 3 bonemeal from 1 bone and bonemeal is used for plants.

this can be used to help crops grow faster,and also can be used as white dye.if you tap bonemeal on dirt,it turns into dirt with grass,cobblestone into mossycobble,stone bricks into mossystone bricks,cobblestone walls into mossycobblestone walls,and if you tap bonemeal on a dirt with grass block,it will spawn grass,ferns,flowers,wild crops,and other plants on the tapped block and every other near by blocks with a range of 3×3,and something similar to this happens in water,but instead of grass,flowers,and stuff,lilly pads,water plants,and(if a ocean,beach,or reef biomes)seaweed will spawn.

And more will be typed in the next forum.

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Also with the tame-able animals part of this,I decided that camels(section 6)can also be tamed! :D