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List of blocks I want added:

Stairs (Staircases, Chairs, Roofs)

Glass panes

Yeah, that's pretty much it, But I really need stairs added, I tried making a roof with Slabs and Blocks but it really didn't end up well. If stairs are added it could really be helpful! I don't want to use Blocks to make staircases! 

BlueTangs Rock2
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To bad the game developers don't look here anymore. Currently Planet of Cubes forums and game is all they care about,and they abandoned WoC everything. Hopefully it won't be like that soon since a PoC clan named GHE is trying to kill Planet of Cubes,so maybe the game developers will care about WoC again.

BlueTangs Rock2
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Wow,as I said that,Olga(one of the developers)are suddenly on for once. Oh the Irony! Lol

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Go back to the first floor, choose a staircase in the store and put it in such a way that nothing would interfere either above or below and ше could pass. Otherwise, it will be red and will not be established.


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