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Guys, we have received a question on YouTube. Let's provide help to each other!

"Ok. Can see that meats being eaten. But how? I hold the meat, & can break blocks with meat. But how do you actually eat it?
I was really enjoying this game, but when I run into questions, am having terrible time finding help.
Pretty frustrating!
Anyone know of any site or forum where one can actually receive answers to questions? Or some type of support guide?
Please help."

If the player's health bar decreasing, and the player can see empty hearts in the left corner, then he has to eat food to restore health bar. Please hold meat in your hand and your health bar will be restored!
But if the player isn't hungry (the health bar is full, all hearts are full and have red color in the left corner), then the meat will destroy blocks and will not satisfy hunger!

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Solverlabs Support

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That doesn't help, it still wouldn't eat it???