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Well...I guess this account will be for making new topics,and the original one comments. Enough Said. PREPARE TO BE CONFUSED!!!! >:D P.S.turns out Ash Ketchum from Poke'Mon DOES Age...most episodes supposedly take place on single days in Poke'Mon universe, making 16 years,into only about 5.and he is now slightly taller than was before,and has a slightly deeper voice. That Was Random...Well now you know... I'm not a Poke'mon fan.

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Okay! I am glad that you WoC fan! 

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I had no idea why I wanted to talk about my discovery about Poke'mon on here...it was late ok? xD

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Sounds like somebody was up for a week straight.... 

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In reality,it was only 12:32A.M. when I posted it! xD

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I dunno...this post has nothing to do with WoC...we should move it to off topic.

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