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Building Galaxy
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Hi one and all Im the new guys building galaxy you can call me iron builder so I make this account because when I first heard about this game from cities Builders Inc I was thinking that this game would be awesome so I downloaded the game world of cubes and I enjoy it. so I was thinking since cities Builders Inc made his city which is really awesome cuz I think he's the second most popular guy on YouTube to make world of cubes videos. I was thinking about making my own city so I can show you guys, and like I said I'm new here so I don't know how if you're going to reply to me or something. so its up to you guys what you want me to build you want me to build a modern city ancient city because I really like building so thank you again.my name is iron builder in this, it the building galaxy. I'll probably make my youtube channel, but not right now so if any of you guys got any ideas of what you want me to do, just leave a comment down below. Thank you The picture i put here is just showing how I want to make my city

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We should make a halloween town from the nightmare before christmas or a newyork world

Cities Builders Inc
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sorry ironbuildeer was me we should

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Wait ur ironbuilder?

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any done world?