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I like this game alot! Solverlabs did a great job on this game! And i'm new to the forums. I've read the rules and everything :) Keep up on your amazing games Solverlabs! :D 

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Hello! Welcome here! Smile

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Greetings, Darky723_!

Let me recommend some of useful features of our forum.
Here you can find mates to build together or join other players in their projects. Play our latest forum game or just talk about whatever you want with our friendly community.

Have fun!

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Hello :D

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Why have I been the only person on the forum in 2 days? This needs to be explained! I understand why solverlabs team isn't saying anything as of right now(because they're working on the "ruining mobs" update),and Warrior27t doesn't have internet yet,until at least 2 more days from now,but what happened to the other people?

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