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I'm playing WoC on Google play on a Samsung Galaxy S2. Loving the game and really looking forward to the next update, however I've come across a couple of issues in Creative Mode. When using half blocks for the creation of steps etc. they are stable until I quit the game. Next time I open the game they have become full blocks. This is quite irritating and time consuming to go round and replace them all as they were originally created.

One thing I would love (and I know this is not the correct section of the forum for this, my apologies) is a compass or coordinates in single player survival mode. I got lost looking for resources and cannot find any of my creations to date which is upsetting after so long spent building them. I know you have these features in multiplayer so please extend it to single player.

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Ok map and coordinates may be added soon the new update is avalibe for google play and Amazon and others they have fixed the half slab problem :-).

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Great, thanks for your reply. Looking forward to the new update then.

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You are able to download v.1.8 for your android devices now from Getjar App Store or SlideMe App Store.

Link to download WoC v.1.8 from Getjar: http://www.getjar.mobi/mobile/811065/

Link to download WoC v.1.8 from SlideMe: http://slideme.org/application/world-cubes