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The First WoC movie coming December 23, 2014! So it will be themed around christmas! Wink

Wanna know a little summary? Its about 2 castles divided who used to be friends but are now enimeys! There was a farmer boy whos name is tyler he was best friends with the princess alannah but she was the other castles princess so that means when the 2 castles went to war they new they could never play together again but 10 years later... They wanted to be with each other again but when she enterd the land of the enimys castle she new she had to be careful but aknight spoted her and the knight and his men sent her not back to her castle but to the prison

1,000 miles away... Coming soon the path... 

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11+ :(

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Really theres really no age limit actually

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Very cool! Smile

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OMG i love this movie trailer very much! Can't wait to watch full movie :)

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OMG this looks like it will be good so i am looking forward to it Smile

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December 23 is comming...

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