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If they are added in survival,they need to have ways to get them!
1.slabs:they are crafted by 3 blocks of the material,and results in 6 slabs of the material.
2.dispenser:7 cobblestone,1 bow,and 1 redstone dust.
3.sponge:genarate in water as wet versions,but can be dried in a furnace to make dry sponge,which soaks up water,and makes wet sponge again!
4.noteblock:8 planks,and 1 redstone dust.
5.lava:smelt normal stone in the furnace to get magma,magma can be walked on,but like soul sand on Minecraft,it slows you down,and sets you on fire.you get lava when you mine magma with an empty bucket,and you'll get a lava bucket,and if you mine magma,with pickaxes,iron&up,you'll get magma blocks,mining it with stone pickaxes gives you magma cream,and otherwise,drops nothing.lava can be used to make obsidian,and infinite stone/cobblestone/ore<(depending on elevation) generators.
6.brick:smelt a clay lump in the furnace to get a brick ingot,and 4 of those makes 1 brick.
7.TNT:4 sand,and 5 gunpowder(4 sulfur,and 1 coal).
8.bookshelf:3 sugarcanes make 3 paper,3 paper,and 1 leather,makes 1 book,3 books,and 6 planks makes 1 bookshelf.
9.snow(sheet):3 snowballs,make 1 snow sheet.
10.snow(block):9 snowballs,make 1 snow block.
11.mossy cobblestone:bonemeal used on cobblestone,4 vines,1 cobblestone,or 8 moss,1 cobblestone.
12.ice:genarates on top of water in "cold" biomes,drops ice is mined by iron picaxe and better,if mined by any tool,9 ice cubes,and by any non-tool/weapon item,just spawns a water source in it's place(it will also spawn water when you receive ice cubes as well).
13.jukebox:8 planks,1 noteblock,1 music disc holder,and 1 diamond.music disk are made by 4 asphalt blocks,and a certain material in the middle(probably either ore,or dye),for each different disk,and the disk holder is made by 4 iron ingots.
14.clay:spawns naturally,originally,in the same manner as sand,when mined drops 4 clay lumps,which can craft 1 clay block.
15.obsidian:created when water touches lava(cobblestone's when flowing water touches flowing lava,and stone/granite/andsedite/diorite/basalt's when flowing lava flows on top of a flowing water blocks,and the stone has chances of being ores,depending on elevations the block's at.
16.nether reactor core(Machilite block):the core block is made by 6 iron ingots,and 3 diamonds ingots,the reactor structure is made with 4-8 gold blocks,and 12 cobblestone,in the same formation Minecraft Pocket Edition's before they removed it in 0.12.0...they will act quite similar to minecraft's(formal)ones,execpt,new/more nether mobs spawn in,more items/block types drop from it,Endstone chunks(4 of the chunks make 1 Endstone),and spawn eggs can be obtained from there.there purpose is to give nether stuff before the diemesion's added in the game.there would also be an Ender alternative that requires 6 diamond ingots,and 3 emerald ingots for the core,and the core,4-8 lapis lazuli blocks,and 12 Endstone,these reactor's give you Ender stuff,and even some new drops/mobs that Minecraft doesn't have,and this reactor was NEVER in Minecraft, so this is a (sort of)original idea!
17.netherack:a block making up the tower stucture spawned after activing a nether reactor.can be smelted to get nether brick ingots.
18.soul sand:a drop from nether reactors,and can be crafted by 8 sand,and 1 ghast tear(another drop from nether reactors),and you are then given 8 soul sand.soul sand makes you slow if you're on it,and it can be used to place and grow nether seeds/crops,and nether warts(both items are drops from nether reactors).
19.glowstone:4 glowstone dust(a drop from the nether reactor,and from killing blazes,which spawn in the nether reactor,along with other mobs,when activated).glowstone drops 2 glowstone dust when mined by hand,and 4 when mined by any pickaxe.
20.nether bricks:4 nether bricks(a drop from nether reactors,and can be obtained by smelting netherack in the furnace).
21.cactus:spawns on sand at least 5 blocks away from water(not nessically desert biomes).can be smelted in the furnace for green dye.
22.dyed wool:add the 16 dye colors from Minecraft(not copying Minecraft)and some more dyes.1 dye color,and wool.
23.paving sandstone/cobblestone/inlaid marble/inlaid bricks:1 sandstone/cobblestone/marble/brick,and 1 chisel(1 iron ingot,and 1 stick),and it gets you 1 paving sandstone/cobblestone/inlaid marble/inlaid brick,and 1 chisel(with 1% less durability than before,has 100 uses).
24.black rock:4 coal,and 1 stone.
25.tabling:6 sticks,1 copper/bronze ingot,and 2 wooden logs.
26.marble:1 sandstone,and 1 limestone,makes 1 raw marble,then that's smelted in the furnace,to make marble.
27.melon:first obtained by getting seeds as a drop from nether reactors,and by killing zombies,and pumpkin heads,and getting it by rare chance.
28.chiseled sandstone/decorated stone/relief stone:1 chisel,2 sandstone/cobblestone/stone,=2 chiseled sandstone/decorated stone/relief stone.
29.pine/jungle planks:from the request on bones/bone-shards/bonemeal I done,along with other new plant life,saplings to different trees will generate when bonemeal is used on lighted dirt with grass blocks,and saplings grow up,which leads to...yeah you get the idea.
30.leaves:they generate on any tree(except dead tree,which will generate in the nether when added),if mined in any way,drop their saplings,apples(tree,oak,dark oak,and apple tree),acacia fruit(acacia),and sticks,when mined with shears,you can collect the actual block,to place down and stuff,and if mined by anything else,then the block will drop 9 leaf items of the type of tree as the leaves block.9 leaf of one type=1 leaves block of one type(you can't mix different tree leaves together).
31:stone brick:4 stone.
32:mossy stone brick:When bonemeal is used on a stone brick.
33:mossy brick:When bonemeal is used on brick.
34.stonework:1 stone,1 granite,1 diorite,1 andsedite,1 basalt,1 cobblestone,1 iron ore,1 gold ore,and 1 copper ore(random,I know...).
35.StoneCutter:a block used to craft the stone/brick/chiseled recipes in the game,crafted by 8 cobblestone,and 1 iron ingot.
36.Red Dalle:don't know what kind of material it is,but it'll involve red dye.
37.steel/bronze/stone plate:5 iron blocks/bronze ingots/stone.
38.dirt road:When shovel interacts with dirt
39.asphalt:3 cement,3 stone,and 3 basalt.
40.metal container:holds 4× as much as regular wooden chests,but are "heavier" than normal ones,because they can only be stacked up to 16.they are crafted by 8 steel plates.
41.stone tile:4 stone bricks,and 1 cyan dye.
42.Onyx:14 asphalt,2 quartz,2 nether quartz,1 copper ore,1 iron ore,1 gold ore,1 lapis lazuli.
and then the rest of the remaining block's(just more variations of bricks,and water source),recipes will be said later on in the comments section below. Olga Please Notice this!

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Olga Please Notice!