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Congratulations to the winners!!!!

Watch Top 5 Castles on YouTube by this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3o4m0QrckDU&list=UU867YduWHqjqrs9odsooIug

TOP 5 Winners
Number 1 - Thegreatunknown (won +10000 rating for 1st place)
Author: Jack Frost

Number 2 - TheRoyalFamily (won +5000 rating for 2nd place)
Author: Anonymous

Number 3 - WindsorPalace (won +1000 rating for 3rd place)
Author: Anonomon

Number 4 - Frozenarendelle (won +500 rating for 4th place)
Author: Jack Frost

Number 5 - Worldepiccastle (won +100 rating for 5th place)
Author: Worldcraft Epic


Big thanks to all participants! You will have a chance to win next time!

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Yay! :D thanks!

Worldcraft Epic
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