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Check out my world CenturyCity! I wanted to create a “real city”, a real “concrete jungle”; this project has been in the works for over 8 months. Each building is fully explore-able, easy to navigate, with all the floors in place and even basements (and sub-basements) like many real downtown large buildings have. I put a lot of thought into each building and treated each one as its “own individual and unique project” to make them not only architecturally pleasing but also representing many eras of large city construction from turn-of-the-century to modern times. Many of these buildings are modeled after real buildings and others are purely made up. I really liked the idea of a fully explore-able city where a person can travel to any/every floor of every building and take in the views from multiple angles and vantage points. The city layout is a simple grid with square city blocks containing one or more buildings. The brass plate in the middle of the center intersection where you spawn is the first piece constructed and the oldest cube in the city.
In World of Cubes we can’t build a rail system as of yet, but I would have loved to build a ride-able subway beneath the city streets. I did create an underground passageway system beneath the streets to act as a “pedestrian subway” of sorts. Access points can be found in the sidewalks at various locations and from many of the buildings’ basements. Be sure to explore the underground as well, I put a lot of thought into making the underworld also interesting to explore.
The buildings are all equipped with their own sub-basement mechanical areas. Some are fed by their own boiler systems and others are connected to Lava-Corp. Power Co. Under the tall black foreboding-looking tower in the corner of the map I thought it would be cool if a lava cave had been discovered deep underground. I ran “pipes” through the lava to super-heat water into high-pressure steam that connects this geothermal steam power to many of the city’s buildings via a deep access-tunnel system. Thus we have the “Lava-Corp. Power Co.” Be sure to explore all of this too.
I want people to have fun with this city and have fun exploring. Some of the things you can find are: a furnished apartments and complete hotel rooms, a decorated live performance theater with a stage, a large luxury indoor pool in a fancy and fully furnished hotel, a quaint social pub, a bookstore, and several odd secret places hidden here and there that were fun to build and will be fun for you to find. Download this world and have fun on your own building it up even further. My nickname in multiplayer is “Puprock”."

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Woooww this world is pretty impressive. I'm mixed in support for this world and Mazerunner4 which is a world I helped out on for map of the week. GG JohnnyB!

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Hey Im makin a series on youtube and its called... I really dont know what is called but for my 1 espisode I want u as my guest because your city is awesome. Im JoeCBI I made Thrillville and MaysonCity. If you accept then can I have ur skype name. So plz reply if u can

Thank You,

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Stop advertising, I'm OK if u do advertise but you need to TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH your advertising like a new McDonalds Food On tv.

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Good job on the world! Congrats on it being #2 on read-only curently.

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Thanks I noticed that last week, I am so happy people ar enjoying it and it's "populated" often. Peopl "work" in the hotels, put on "shows" in the theater, run around and roll play, it's awesome to see it come "alive"

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I know what you mean. Its truely an amazing level to be sure.