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Hi! I created this thread because of real problem that have been happend with JezMC.

The problem is he can't build anything on his own map after he has reseted his tab.

JezMC, please add more infos about your device and World of Cubes game version!

Our developers will try to identify you, and help you to solve this issue!

More detailes you can find here.

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Hey Man Iknow how to fix it! :D

Just Upload a new server again! This time with a different name.

Hope it Helps. :)

(BTW. how do you delete an old server?)

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Nope! That wasn't the awnser hahaha. 

Olga Said that That You can't build in the spawn Area. and when it says you have no permision it means that you are in the spawn zone.

Hope that Helped! :D