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Post here information about the bugs, errors or other technical problems you foun in game.

Please describe it in detail, specify game situation and place where you found a bug.

The more detailed information you provide, the more quickly this problem will solved.

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Ok...Spiders attack though walls,players(not creator)on a server have trouble opening doors/trapdoors,somethings in my server dissapered,animals somehow getting outside their pens (rooms/fences),no baby version of turkey,"baby" turkey despawns after a few minutes,wolves attack though blocks,and you can't craft some of 2×2 crafting recipes(sandstone,wool)without a crafting table, along with swords requiring 2 sticks instead of just 1.

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Also,spiders can see you at infinite distance,and wolves ocasionly turning hostile without me(or pumpkin head)attacking it,or it being in a dark place(it was in plain daylight)

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Also while animals are following you (chickens/turkeys,wheat seeds)(pigs,carrots)(cow/sheep/horse,wheat),and I select something different(an item not used to bring a certain mob in love mode),and switch back to the item they follow,they just freeze for 10 seconds-3 minutes,then walk away,and I have to walk in front of them and push them to get back in "following mode",and sometimes they'll never follow me again,and just keep walking away....

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Also there's about 4 more glitches I know of,but i'm not gonna say them,because I like the 4 glitches,but I will say this...one's a "farlands"duplication/deletion glitch at the very walls of the survival worlds,two are glitches to chunk generation,and one's a way to get tons of coins. I said to much... ._.

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The screen is getting blue few times in multiplayer and then the "view distance" is decreasing

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“banner appears black strip, which prevents a comfortable game. Bugs or flaws?“ Topic: “Bugs or flaws?“

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I am having problems with the Windows 10 PC version. I found a serious game breaking bug that makes the game practically unplayable. When I play the game the cursor does not lock durring gameplay. This is an issue becasue while I play, I will end up selecting other apps on my PC and opening things that I don't want to use.

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Bug happened on Mac version, in multiplayer survival. 
Was typing a message to a friend about free stuff, but every time I press the 'F' key, the chat window closes. 
Spelling things with ph for now. 
So, iph anybody needs phree stuph, lemme know. 


Eat Soup
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When a block (glow stone, chest) is placed surrounded by blocks on all sides, except one block which is a slab in front, the block in the center glitches in some way depending on the block

Eat Soup
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Eat Soup, I am not sure about in every case though. The glowstone in this case does not glow and the chest turns into the colour of the sky.


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Eat Soup, This is not a bug that needs to be removed. Its very useful and has been a part of the game for years.A nice update with new content would be nice though.